Meet The Instructors

Bruce Quinn, a brown belt under Jonavin Webb had the idea to start "Endgame BJJ" many years ago when all he had were a few mats along with a few of his buddies in his basement. After years of extensive BJJ/MMA training and hard work, he eventually began his journey to open up the academy, which we have come to know as Endgame BJJ. 


Bruce is a U.S. Army Veteran, a union iron worker, a husband to his beautiful and supportive wife, Ann-Marie and a father to their children, Paige and Ryot.  He has competed and won in many jiu jitsu tournaments along the east coast as well as coached and cornered many students and friends of all skill levels, including professional mma fighters.

Bruce also has another love, his dog, an American Bully, whom he named Swayze.  When he's not at his gym, you will find him "Quinning" with his adorable family. 


Shain Gallo. A four year veteran to the sport and a purple belt under Jonavin Webb, is one of the instructors at Endgame BJJ.  Shain teaches our little ninjas as well as the adults on Wednesday evenings. When he's not training jiu jitsu, he's studying nutrition and exercise science at Rowan University.


Shain is the annoying little brother you never wanted but got stuck with, but love just the same. 



Megan Erber.  Purple belt under Rob Mudrak and Rick Macauley, has been doing jiu jitsu for 11 years. US Navy Veteran, she served aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, until 2002 and finished her reserve time in 2006. Now she enjoys long walks on the beach and ripping people's arms off.  She's a fighter, not a lover. 


Megan has competed and won many grappling tournaments which include but are not limited too, Grappler's Quest, NAGA, The Good Fight, US Grappling Championships, IBJJF Pan Ams and several smaller competitions.  She has been teaching Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing for the last two years.  She is a leg lock specialist and dabbles in 10th planet nogi jiu jitsu.


Also, recently had a little girl whom you will soon join her on the mats,  the future of woman's jiu jitsu, Adeline "Deathwish" Rose. 


VJ Falabella. AKA VinReaper. Vince is a 12 year veteran to the sport of BJJ with a soft spot for nogi submission wrestling.  He is a brown belt under Jonavin Webb, and earned his purple belt through Rick McCauley and is both a No-Gi 10th planet and Leg lock specialist.  


He spends a lot of time training his son who is a Freshman Varisty Wrestler at Kingsway High School and his daughter Gabby Bella for her BJJ super fights and on her jiu jitsu for her mma bouts.  You will often find him searching jiu jitsu videos for different & unique ways to improve his ground game and to implement them into training his students.

Donald Hunt has been training Muay Thai a little over 9 years under Phil Maldonado, Jon Marsell and Kaensak (Pongsak cheawchan).  He has also spent time as a trainer and corner man for various professional muay thai fighters.


Being only 5’6”, Donnie is Short and Sweet but packs quite the punch.














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