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Meet The Instructors


Bruce Quinn. Bruce is a black belt under Jonavin Webb who had the idea to start "Endgame BJJ" many years ago when all he had were a few mats along with a few of his buddies in his basement. After years of extensive BJJ/MMA training and hard work, he eventually began his journey to open up the academy, which we have come to know as Endgame BJJ. 


Bruce is a U.S. Army Veteran, a union iron worker, a husband to his beautiful and supportive wife, Ann-Marie and a father to their children, Paige and Ryot.  He has competed and won in many jiu jitsu tournaments along the east coast as well as coached and cornered many students and friends of all skill levels, including professional MMA fighters. When he's not at his gym, you will find him "Quinning" with his adorable family. 



Thomas DiMarco. Coach Tommy is a devoted husband, father ,and martial artist. Beginning training in July of 2017, he quickly fell in love with the art and became dedicated to constantly improving himself and his teammates all mentally, physically, and emotionally. He says "I'm a hobbyist competitor with a burning passion to open my own school in the future and continue my love for training and teaching the gentle art." Coach Tommy emphasizes respect, honor, and integrity, the martial way. 



Laurie Bair. Coach Laurie began her jiu jitsu journey with an Endgame self defense seminar for women, not expecting to become a frequent practitioner. It didn’t take long for her sons and husband to begin training with her, and now you can probably find one of the Bairs on the mat at any given moment. She values being viewed as a mat mom to all our students, and will forever tout the benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, not only for fitness and self defense, but for mental health and confidence building, particularly in women and kids.


Sean Harvey. Coach Sean started his jiu jitsu journey in 2020 and found himself at Endgame BJJ in 2021. He originally joined looking for a fun way to get in shape and meet like-minded people. Since then, jiu jitsu has become one of his biggest passions and he trains almost every day of the week. Coach Sean has two children, one of which trains in Endgame's Tiny Turtles program. Sean Is a combat veteran with tours in Afghanistan and is currently a social worker looking to improve the lives of individuals in his community.

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